Destination Stakeholders – A Vital Cog in the Wheelhouse of Cruise Success

By Liz Gammon on behalf of Cruise Europe

Cruise Europe

It is now widely accepted that today’s discerning cruise passenger is looking for a travel experience that is both sustainable and authentic. Leading us to the conclusion that local stakeholder contribution is now more important than ever in strengthening and supporting the continued success of the Cruise Industry Restart.For how else can a sustainable and authentic travel experience be successfully delivered, if not with the valued support and expertise of local stakeholders and their communities?

As more and more destinations open their doors to visitors via the traditional travel portals (some of which have remained closed until quite recently) namely Land, Sea, and Air.
There is, without doubt, a tangible wind of optimism a-blowing through the passenger arrival halls in general, in particular those associated with the cruise industry. An industry that depends significantly on delivering an authentic destination immersion experience for its passengers via shore excursions and other land-based travel events and experiences.

And whilst things are slowly but surely returning to some degree of normality, the staggering facts and figures of 2019 remain a far distant memory. Something that has had a profound knock-on effect on destination stakeholders and local suppliers.

Thanks to 2021’s combined Cruise Industry Restart efforts, things have definitely improved and are now finally moving in the right direction!

Ports that until recently saw cruise ships battened down and riding out the pandemic storm in their safe havens for month son end, are once again seeing those same vessels lowering their gangways and bringing their passengers ashore.
And let’s not forget, these are the exact same passengers that are looking to experience our ports and destinations in a manner that is sustainable and authentic.

As sponsor for the Destination Recovery session, and as an association that counts a significant number of land-based suppliers and destination stakeholders amongst its members, Cruise Europe remains committed to supporting destination recovery as and whenever possible.

Alongside looking forward to meeting up with valued friends and industry colleagues at this year’s International Cruise Summit in Madrid, we are particularly looking forward to a lively, productive Destination Recovery session and to learning more from the esteemed panel as to how destination stakeholders can get more involved in 2022 and beyond!